The Poland USA Relationship

Poland is a Central European Ally of the United States of America

Poland is one of the US’ strongest partners when it comes to fostering security and prosperity on a regional and global scale. They are an ally in Central Europe and partner closely with the US on NATO capabilities. They also provide assistance in terms of countering terrorism and provide missile defense. This partnership also includes working closely with the United States’ human rights, economic growth, and innovation.

This 2018, Poland is marking 100 years of restoration of independence in which the US played a significant role. They were invaded and occupied by the Nazis and the Soviet Union in the second World War and the United States proclaimed support for Poland during that time. Poland then joined NATO in 1999 followed by their affiliation with the European Union in 2004.

They later became a provider of assistance to other countries in the region. They are one of the leading partners of the United States through the EDCP or the Emerging Donors Challenge Program. Through this initiative, a partnership is built by the two countries jointly financing foreign assistance activities.

One of the funds financed by the US government is the Polish-American Enterprise Fund. The United States was also a major investor in private Polish companies in the 90s. Poland and the US continue to invest in training and education in Poland.

The US’ assistance to Poland’s security allows Poland to have an enhanced capacity to meet NATO obligations and to provide professional forces in a wide range of operations in the middle east. There has been substantial funds provided by the United States to enhance Poland’s military facilities and to sustain the presence of American troops in their country.

Some of the reasons that the United States continue to do business in Poland include their strong and uninterrupted economic growth as well as their large domestic market. Poland also offers tariff-free access to the EU or European Union. They are politically stable and have a relatively low-cost workforce.

There are plenty of opportunities for trade and investment in Poland that attract foreign investors including the US which is the top non-EU investor in the country. Poland is the leading trade partner of the US in the East Central European region.

Poland and the US have have a robust Science and Technology relationship and they belong to a number of similar international organizations. These include the United Nations, NATO, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, among others.